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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Don't blog at work, start a blog for your work!

Earlier this week Span posted on the ethics of blogging/reading blogs at work.

Myself, I have found a cunning solution to this quandary. Make a blog for your work!

As 'Resource Designer' at the Mental Health Education and Resource Centre in Christchurch, part of my job is keeping the website updated.

A month or so ago my boss and I were discussing ideas for the redevelopment of the website. He said he would like to develop an electronic newsletter for MHERC that would cover latest news in mental health, the latest books in our library, local information and 'informed comment' on recent research. I convinced him he could be talking about a 'blog', especially as the content from a blog could be easily reused in a newsletter sent out by email.

As far as I know we are one of the first NGOs/community groups in New Zealand to have a blog.
There is also some scope for further development. A number of people from my work are involved in a weekly radio programme on Plains FM about mental health, with a special focus on 'consumer' issues. People were enthusiastic when I mentioned it might be possible to have mp3s of the radio show downloadable from our website/blog. We now have the ok from Plains FM to do it, so its all go. Files are approximately 11 meg, so I am hoping people will not have to download the whole file before they can listen to it. Does anyone know if MP3 playing progs (such as WMP) will automatically stream (ie download while it plays) - is there a nice way to control this?

I guess it is it is good to be enthused by the stuff I am doing at work :)

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