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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Question Time #2: Matt Robson's week in Parliament

Yesterday Matt Robson congratulated "Malcolm Campbell" on his win in the US Open.

Today Matt attempted to ask a supplementary question, only to repeat the previous supplementary question again, word for word. There was much hilarity.

With gaffes like that perhaps he should amend his already reactionary bill to provide for a drinking age of 56, as he may be in need of a hangover remedy. Setting the purchasing age at 20 is arbitary in any case - if he believed his own arguments, why not raise the age further?

Jim Anderton decides everything for Matt anyway, so why should he not leave it to his elder (as Jim constantly reminds him) to decide when Matt should take an early night or make a personal prohibition pledge. Oh and someone needs to ask Jim as Associate Minister of Health the reasons why he does not support complete prohibition - the answers could be useful.

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