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Monday, July 25, 2005

Time to go Jim!

Garth Lomax has a wonderful letter in today's Christchurch Press (25/7/05).

Time to go

Jim Anderton has been in the Labour Party (until 1989), the NewLabour party (1989 to 1993), the Alliance (1993-2002), the Progressive Coalition (2002), Jim Anderton's Progressive Coalition (2002-2004), the Progressive Party (2004-2005) and now Jim Anderton's Progressive Party (2005).

Thats a lot of parties for an old bloke.

No wonder Pam Corkery once predicted they would have to wheel him out onto the balconies. His ego must weigh a tonne.

Time to go, Jim!

Garth Lomax

Despite Anderton's best destructive efforts the Alliance is standing in the upcoming elections. As a party the Progressives have no future. Anderton's ego driven antics have ensured the party will not survive his retirement. Eventually I predict a new party of the left will emerge, and will include many of the younger activists who are standing for the Alliance in this election.

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