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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Phone Phoney's: The last desperate Act

Five minutes ago our phone rang.

I picked up the receiver

"Hello, this is Rodney Hide, we are going to win Epsom so please give your party vote to Act on Saturday..."


And to make matters worse Rodney was not 'calling' at all, it was a recorded message - this is really disappointing - I got to shout at Rodney Hide and he wasn't even listening to me.

Well Act are not going to win Epsom - so Rodney's rudeness will only increase the so called 'wasted vote' for the right on Saturday. Or perhaps Rodney knows he is dog tucker, and the phone phoney's is Act's last desperate attempt to gain 5% by directly misleading voters.

It might be fun to look at the telecom website - perhaps Rodney is guilty of misuse of a telephone....:)



At 4:25 pm, Blogger The Doorman said...

not authorised I see.

At 8:24 am, Anonymous BerlinBear said...

Or not. I am stunned to see that Rodders did win Epsom. The amusing thing is that clearly the true blue Epsom voters held their nose and voted for ACT to get a right wing government and, though it's early days, it looks like that's unlikely to happen. I shall keep my Schadenfreude to a minimum for now though and simply say: Best laid plans of mice and men eh?


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