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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Lookalikes: George Hawkins MP and Mr Creosote!

I always thought George Hawkins looked like Mr Creosote from the Monty Python's film 'The Meaning of Life'. For those who haven't seen the film for a while, Mr Creosote is the humungous fat guy who 'blows up' after eating too much in a restaurant ('I'll have the a bucket!')

George Hawkins was never the most competant minister - but then he was Roger Douglas' annointed successor after all. Roger Douglas ought to be blamed for the dire state of broadband in this country for selling off Telecom as an effective private monopoly and gifting the new owners with control over the local loop.

George Hawkins has always been one of Labour's most right wing MPs. The Manurewa MP is now promoting a private members bill to restrict access to abortion (hat tip Maia) - clearly a swipe at the factions within the party who he blames for getting him kicked out of cabinet.

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