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Monday, September 04, 2006

Christchurch march against Israeli agression in Lebanon and Gaza

In Christchurch on Saturday around 100 people turned up to voice their opposition to the Israeli Government's recent actions in Lebanon and occupied Palestine.

Organsiers were quite happy with the number of people, especially as there has been less media attention on the situation since the so called 'ceasefire'.

The march started by the Bridge of Rememberance, and wove its way through City Mall, High Street, Hereford Street and then into the Square via Worcester St. I found myself holding the banner leading the march, and was given the job of ensuring the front banner did not move faster than the rest of the march. After having a word with the person on the left hand side of the banner, we found ourselves using the banner as a net to slow the other people down!

A man carrying an Israeli and a (smaller) New Zealand flag stood around 100 metres from the march gathering in the square. He was given a chance to speak following the organised speakers, and among some quotes from some rathr obscure religious texts he said that Israel had a right to exist. In reply, one of our group replied stating that "no one" was questioning Israel's right to exist*, but this did not give Israel the right to kill innocent civilians. I thought this exchange made the point quite nicely.

*I would add "on its 1967 borders".

Indymedia has some pictures of the Auckland rally and info on some of the international actions.

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