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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Subway are subpar with their workers

Subway bloggers

I join NZ bloggers from across the political spectrum in declaring that I will not visit any Subway stores until the charges against their employee Jackie Lang are dropped, and she is given her job back.

In a letter addressed to Lang, the directors of George St Subway in Dunedin said she had given the drink to a friend without payment and that was considered "serious misconduct" and a breach of their "trust and fidelity". A drink worth about 20 cents. Worse, Subway management failed to follow basic procedure by calling Lang to a meeting without advising her it was a disciplinary matter.

Well, if Jackie's name is going to be dragged through the media, it is only fair her unreasonable overreacting managers should get the same treatment.

George Street Subway is owned by Galcol Limited, with the two directors holding a 50% shareholding each. The Directors of Galcol Limited are:
George Hilary Gallagher - also owns Claudleigh Estate Limited. I am guessing this might be a winery but does anyone have any better information?
Robert William Nicol

As Span points out, the bosses behaviour towards Jackie is likely to be indicative of the way other employees are treated at George St Subway. Workplace Bully Alert!

All of this underlines the very good reasons why fast food workers ought to be a member of a union.

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At 2:54 pm, Blogger Joseph said...


Workers Rights Are Human Rights!
Justice for Jackie Lang, sacked Subway worker.

Protest at Subway
155 Queen St, Auckland
1pm Saturday 12th May
Called by Workers Charter
Click on image for a larger version

Workers Charter, a network of left wing trade unionists and activists, are calling for a protest this Saturday for Jackie Lang, a worker sacked for sharing a $4 cup of Coca-Cola.
The Subway worker was allowed free Coke – but then she shared one with a friend.

Subway then fired her, and then called the police to charge her with theft. The company have since refused to talk to Jackie's union, the Autonomous Workers’ Union .

"Workers in New Zealand are sick of bullying, intimidation and unfair dismissals and sackings." said Workers Charter activist and protest organiser Joe Carolan.

"Jackie Lang's case is the straw that broke the camel's back. This Saturday, Workers Charter call on all decent people and trade unionists to come stand up for Jackie's rights. Drop the charges, and compensate Jackie for the emotional distress you have caused her, Subway. Otherwise, pickets on all your stores in Auckland will spread and grow. Have some respect for your workers!"

Editor of the Workers Charter paper and organiser for the Unite Workers Union, John Minto, added-
“When a worker is sacked for sharing her coke with a friend on her break then this is bullying and harassment. It’s disappointing but not surprising to see the police on the side of the company pursuing a worker for a $4 theft which was not a theft. This is a case of bullying and harassment by the company and Subway should be in court instead of the worker”

Supporters of the protest also include Solidarity Union, Socialist Worker and the Auckland anti-capitalist group Radical Youth.

"Radical Youth is shocked by this example of a multinational corporation bullying a poor worker for no reason" said RY spokesperson Eliana Darroch . “Subway's continued use of youth rates and its treatment of Jackie Lang clearly shows it is a company that holds its workers in contempt" added Ms Darroch. "Radical Youth will not stand for this bullying and will carry out actions against Subway if this case is not dropped."

Workers Charter Subway protest organiser Joe Carolan 021 186 1450 joe (at)
Workers Charter editor John Minto at editor (at) 0800 2 UNITE (for free copies of New Workers Charter paper)
Radical Youth – Smash Youth Rates campaign organiser Eliana Darroch 021 0555667



At 7:13 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This looks like one of the guys involved

At 9:27 pm, Blogger Joe Hendren said...

thanks Ernie - I found the possible ascend finance link too - but could not conclusively prove it was the same person so I left out of my post.

Now if this is true this means not only is gallagher bullying people on low wages, he is also involved in pushing high interest loans for things such as vehicles on other low income people. Its a step up from being a south auckland loan shark but not by much!

At 4:32 pm, Anonymous George said...

That's the guy - I seen him!


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