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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Submission on Housing Affordability in New Zealand

On Thursday last week I appeared before the Commerce Select Committee inquiry looking at Housing Affordability in New Zealand, as part of my work as Researcher at the National Distribution Union.

I drafted the written submission for the NDU, with others making some helpful suggestions for additions and improvements.

While this is, and will remain a personal blog that in no way represents the views of my employer, I thought some readers of this blog might be interested in reading the submission.

While making our oral submission MPs from National, Labour and the Greens complimented us on our written submission and said it contained useful material. Those kind comments were much appreciated :)



At 6:31 AM, Blogger dad4justice said...

Hey communist , how come your demented criminal labour government have not helped young kiwi parents get into a home . It has gone backwards since the hateful and corrupt feminazi regime seized power and it is little wonder kiwi's are migrating in such large numbers . You communists should be held accountable to a firing squad . Suck on that bitch !!!


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