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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Drinking Liberally Auckland and Auckervegas

"Like politics? Like drinking? If you answered yes to both these questions then join us for Drinking Liberally, a monthly event aimed at building ties among left-leaning people."

Drinking Liberally is a worldwide progressive network and is being launched in Auckland early next month. Two or three events have already been held in Wellington.

WHAT: Drinking Liberally Auckland City LAUNCH!
WHEN: 7.30pm, Wed 2nd July
WHERE: London Bar, cnr Wellesley & Queen Sts (opposite Civic)
SPEAKER : David Slack, of Public Address, National Radio, and several books

If you are in Wellington, Drinking Liberally meets on the first and third Thursday of the month at the Southern Cross on Abel Smith Street.

Lynn from the Standard made up a great graphic to help promote Drinking Liberally Auckland. I hope he will forgive me, but I could not help but wonder what the following would look like..

Not that I am a drunken litterbug - its only a thought crime citizen!

Is anybody else a little concerned that a key symbol of Auckland is a casino that looks like a hypodermic needle? In saying this I am not critiquing Lynn's choice of graphic at all - its more of a reflection on the symbols chosen to represent New Zealand's largest city. A choice, I might add, of an elite. With the addition of the bottle, the sky tower can now represent gambling, drugs and grog, all in one package.

And a short walk from a park named after a wealthy beer baron.

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At 8:18 am, Anonymous lprent said...

;) That is funny.

I usually call it the phallus of auckland. I think I've been there a couple of times to go to the movies (some of the film festival movies screen there).

I was actually after the bridge, But it is long, horizontal, and skinny and I couldn't find a good image to fit a vertical bottle.



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