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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wayne Mapp's career - don't speak ill of the dead

National party ministers, including Wayne Mapp are facing public condemnation for their practice of renting out their own Wellington apartments while they claim allowances from the taxpayer to live in more plush surroundings.

Reading through some old Hansard's again - I wondered - did Wayne Mapp predict the end of his own political career nearly eight years ago? The incident by which I refer was on 1 August 2001 when he criticised Marion Hobbs and Phillida Bunkle for claiming out-of-town housing allowances.
Dr WAYNE MAPP (NZ National---North Shore): I can only say to Mr Benson-Pope that those in glass houses should not throw stones. I have only to think about the likes of Marian Hobbs, and what she has done. Or to think about Phillida Bunkle, which leads me to wonder why Phillida Bunkle is still sitting over there. Are the pleas of that member to her leader still going unanswered?

Hon. Murray McCully: Don't speak ill of the dead.

Dr WAYNE MAPP: Well, there we are: ``Don't speak ill of the dead.'' That is now on the record.
Wayne Mapp - don't speak ill of the dead - that is now on the record.

The same goes for McCully too.

If Mapp thinks the political career of Bunkle and Hobbs' was over in 2001, to have any consistency, he must think his own career has now hit a big iceberg in 2009.

In 2001 Bunkle and Hobbs stood down while their out-of-town allowances were investigated. Despite the public anger, in 2009 no National party ministers have resigned or stood down. Clearly John Key sets lower standards for his cabinet than Helen Clark did.

Not only is the reference to those in glass houses not throwing stones ironic given his own behaviour - it was also the title of a Colin Espiner blog this week on stuff. I am sure glass houses don't cost $1000 a week. Nor would shipping containers or double bunking.

Following the election last year I heard reliable rumours the Department of Defence were not relishing the impending appointment of Mapp as their Minister. So I am sure another Minister can easily be found.

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At 12:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an ex pat and permanent resident, I sometimes feel like I have no voice; yet I am here today because that voice matters more in New Zealand than in Canada.

I listen and care more here. I went out with Zack on the Auckland fun night -recruiting. All the participants were linked by a common goal; raise awareness.

I want to continue constructive efforts we all recognize.
When we see some negative items, let us notice and address them.

Do you have a mentor? A person to approach for answers?
A mentor will listen.

I can remember the time that Keith Martin told me we were going to make the host look good at a Scouting Jamboree. After breaking the record for firelighting, we kept winning.

Skill turns to tutaledge eventually.

Can the All Blacks have that this year?

"twitter is shit"


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