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Monday, October 17, 2005

Is Maxim Director Bruce Logan also a plagiarist?

Last week the Press sacked one of its regular columnists following a letter to the editor which demonstrated that Alexis Stuart was guilty of plagiarism, directly lifting some of her wording from an article earlier published by her father, Maxim Institute director Bruce Logan.

Paul of About Town has uncovered many more examples of Stuart's 'liberal' use of the cut and paste. While Stuart and Logan endlessly talk about values, neither appear to possess basic journalistic values such as acknowledging your sources. Paul demonstrates several examples where Bruce Logan also appears to be guilty of using the words of others as his own. Like father, like daughter.

An absolute first rate piece of work Paul! :)

Meanwhile, Comrade Tweek has proclaimed Bruce Logan as 'Tweek of the Week' (17th October 2005). Entirely deserved I must say.

Update: After checking the dictionary it does not appear 'plagiarising' is a word, so I changed some of my wording above. But I was interested to note that our word 'plagiarism' derives from the Latin word 'plagiarius', meaning 'kidnapper'. Kind of an ironic association, given Maxim's emphasis on traditional family values and defending the right of parents to wallop their offspring. 'Plagiarius' is all about kids after all!

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At 12:21 AM, Blogger Paul said...

Thanks Joe. More to come soon :)


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