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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Tim Howard on Human Rights Abuses in the Philippines: Radio link

This morning National radio interviewed Tim Howard, one of the New Zealanders who took part in an international solidarity mission to the Philippines in August this year. The team found considerable evidence of human rights violations, 'professional' assassinations and forced disappearances, carried out by the military and intelligence arms of the Philippine government against their own people.

The interview is available via a stream on the xtra website, but have to put up with 5 minutes of Linda Clark's blathering before she talks to Tim.

Also see my earlier post The forgotten second front of the War on Terror: The Philippines.

Tim will be hosting a session about the Philippines at the National Peace Workshops on Sunday 23rd of October. Another Kiwi member of the International Solidarity Mission to the Philippines, Mary Ellen O'Connor, will be intervied by "Earthwise" on Saturday 08 October at 9am on Christchurch Community Radio, PlainsFM 96.9.

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