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Saturday, October 29, 2005

New leftie blogs

While some established blogs appear to have gone quieter over the past month, some new leftie blogs have suddenly jumped out of the woodwork.

Over at Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty, Maia provides a feminist perspective on current events and industrial issues. With 'Feminist of the Day' she celebrates the contribution of people who have improved the lives of women and humanity in general.

Len Richards envisages a newsoc where a co-operative basis for organising human life will put human needs before profit-driven greed. Instead of the 'market' deciding, people should decide through democratic participation at all levels (Hat tip Span)

With the VUWSA presidency soon to pass into the safe neo-Marxist hands of Nick Kelly, Jeremy Greenbook is now the Aucklander at Large. I don't think Jeremy's new blog has been inspired by that ancient so-called-3D-movie, Gorilla at Large, but I have been known to be wrong :)

Following his campaign for Labour in Rakaia in 2005, Tony Milne now posts his thoughts on I See Red. With his blog Tony looks to explore the emergence of the 'majority diversity coalition of 21st century New Zealand'.

Maria Von Trap discusses politics and current events alongside some 'slices of life'. Some of her travel stories are wee gems! Rest assured, there appear to be no Julie Andrews WAVs hiding behind Maria's URL, so there is no need to far, so far away to run.

With Progressive Essays, C Simmons shares his thoughts on 'socialist and progressive politics'.

SNAP provides an anarchist perspective on political and industrial news, courtesy of the Wildcat Anarchist Collective of Wellington. In a recent post Sam Buchanan says the anarchist critique of the Green party is less to do with their participation in elections, and much more to do with their acceptance of capitalism (Hat tip NRT).



At 9:59 am, Blogger Maria von Trapp said...

"Some of her travel stories are wee gems"

nice pun there Joe!!!


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