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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Fab cartoon on global warming

Reading through the latest issue of Multinational Monitor on Tuesday night I came across this cartoon and laughed and laughed :)

The cartoon appears in the September/October edition of multinational Monitor (US). "Reproduction of all or part of MM for non-commercial use is allowed with proper credit to the Monitor."

When the cost of petrol reaches a level that even the Fendalton set can no longer justify driving SUVs to the shops, we might as well put the pile of discarded SUVs to good use!

And yes, for the record I think there should be a levy placed on SUVs, perhaps with an exemption for those that can show they have a genuine use for an all terrain vehicle (farming, fishing etc). SUVs were never designed to be used as inner city runabouts. Around close concentrations of people and traffic SUVs are an entirely avoidable hazard, as their height means there is a dangerous rear blindspot for the driver, as well as regularly blocking the view of other drivers. SUVs are more likely to roll when involved in a traffic accident, endangering the occupants, and accidents involving SUVs are more likely to kill people unlucky enough to be in the other car. In 2003 Researchers at the State University of New York (Buffalo) found that in crashes between small cars and SUVs, the risk of death was 24 times greater in the car.

I shudder whenever I see an SUV lining the road outside a school at 3pm - they are simply a tragic accident waiting to happen.

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