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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Public Meetings: Resistance to State Repression in the Philippines

Come and hear Dennis Maga, trade unionist and spokesperson for the Free Ka Bel Movement. See my earlier post here.

Monday 21 May 7:30 pm
Trades Hall
147 Great Nth Road, Grey Lynn

Wednesday 23 May 7:00 pm
2nd Floor ANZAC House
181 Willis Street

Thursday 24 May 7:30 pm
Trade Union Centre
199 Armagh Street

Sunday 27 May 7:00 pm
St John’s Church Centre
149 Kamo Road

Monday 28 May 7:30 pm
Bounty Inn
Cnr Bayview & Selwyn Road

Philippines president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is to attend an interfaith dialogue in New Zealand on Tuesday 29th of May. "Since she came to power six years ago, 858 people have died in extrajudicial killings – including left-wing politicians, rights activists, unionists, journalists and religious leaders. Among those detained is Crispin “Ka Bel” Beltran".

Last week Dennis Maga met with the NZ ambassador in Manila and requested the following from the New Zealand Government.
  1. Sponsor a cross-parliamentary delegation to investigate the human rights situation in the Philippines
  2. Send a representative of the New Zealand Embassy to the court hearings on Rep. Beltran’s case.
  3. Redirect the NZ ODA funding from the Philippine government to the people’s organizations actively promoting and defending human rights.
  4. Offer the NZ embassy as a safe haven for victims of repression and assure them of refugee status in NZ.
  5. Campaign against the nomination of the Philippines as member of the United Nation Human Rights Security Council for the unabating occurrence of extra-judicial killings, involuntary disappearances militarization, political harassments and persecution.

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