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Friday, June 01, 2007

Video: Progressive Workers support Dennis Maga and Fillipno Workers

Progressive distribution workers locked out for 28 days by their employer last year showed their support for visiting Fillipno unionist Dennis Maga and the people of the Philippines yesterday. It was a way for the Progressive workers to show their thanks for the massive international support they recieved during their struggle.

There is one realy funny bit where a Progressive worker shows Dennis how to do a union 'muscle' salute - in PI style Dennis gets told to "move it baby!"

Many union members in the Philippines have been murdered by arms of the state for exercising their democratic rights. While Dennis has been in New Zealand he has highlighted the terrible human rights record of the Philippines, especially the record of the current President Arroyo.

Dennis has been reliably informed that he may be killed or arrested when he returns home to the Philippines - no doubt for causing embarrassment to Arroyo while she was in New Zealand.

Dennis thanked the Progressive workers for their support, and said it was the essence of international union solidiarity.

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